We propose to create a standing pool that can be used to provide immediate and practical support to activists and others who find themselves in a difficult situation as a result of their stand against injustice and oppression.

This project is unashamedly anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist.

We propose that this pool targets support at:

a. workers taking industrial action, particularly where that action is unprotected;
b. people in trouble as a result of their stand against racists, racism and racist institutions;
c. Other groups politically targeted by the state, bosses or far-right formations;
d. Other instances where people are in trouble as a result of their stand against injustice and oppression, and particularly where that stand has involved direct action.

This proposal is modeled on and inspired by the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund but with a difference in focus. We don’t want to duplicate or replace existing solidarity efforts, so please consider donating to IAFDF where you want to target support at anti-fascist legal defense.

The fund is democratically controlled by its contributors.

Decisions about proposals for support are made by contributors. All individuals and groups who contribute at least $5 AUD a month to the pool are invited to participate in decision making.

For more detail about how the fund will work, check out the proposed rules.

All inquiries to solidarityanddefencefund@gmail.com.